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Suche: Parosphromenus ornaticauda (Gronau/Legden/Enschede)

BeitragVerfasst: 23.09.2017 - 10:13
von bderooij

Fur meiner Borneo biotope suche ich Parosphromenus ornaticauda, zwei oder drei männer und vier oder fünf frauen.
Wir darft mich helfen dieser fisch zu finden?

Ich hab freunden im Legden, und wohne im Enschede, in der Nähe von Gronau (westfahlen).


For my Borneo biotope I am looking for Parosphromenus ornaticauda, two or three males and four or five females.
Who can helpt me find this fish? They are impossible to find in the Netherlands!

I've got friends in Legden, I live in Enschede, close to Gronau Westfahlen, so that is the region I would like to try and find them, but if it is a little further into Germany that shouldn't be a problem as well, I'll arrange transport.

Any tips would be appreciated!

(sorry for my terrible German, that is why I add the English text :) )