Trichogaster Lalius

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Trichogaster Lalius

Beitragvon Tropica » 11.06.2015 - 08:55

I need advice about keeping these fish. My Dutch aquarium forum scolded me when I told them I kept a breeding pair in a 54 liter aquarium years ago. They informed me of the name change from Colisa Lalia to Trichogaster Lalius and told me a breeding pair should have a minimum aquarium of 60x30x30 (cm) and preferably larger, at least 20 gallon (75,7 liter)!

But then I read in a past issue of Der Makropode how the commercially bred fish are twice the size of the wild-caught ones! I prefer anyway to get wild ones, if I can find a seller in Holland.

Please advise me as to recommended aquarium size and number of inhabitants (males/females and possible tank mates). I would like to use my 54 liter aquarium, all though I have a 110 liter aquarium that is also being set up. (I have other plans for that, but plans can be changed.) It is not really important to me if the fish breed or not.

Depending on the advice I receive, I will probably have more questions. :grins:
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Re: Trichogaster Lalius

Beitragvon chidrup » 11.06.2015 - 10:15

Hi Jonette,

a 60er Tank is a little small for T.lalius, but may be one Pair could works, if it is well planted.
The other size is better. If you don't want to breed, than 2/3 could be an interestet Combination.

Sorry but I don't use english often.

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Re: Trichogaster Lalius

Beitragvon Tropica » 11.06.2015 - 12:18

Thank you for your quick reply, Chidrup. I was hoping that this aquarium would be big enough for the smaller wild-caught fish, which I read are half the size of the commercially bred ones. But if the tank is too small, I'll change my plan. Now I'll have to think about it some more. I also would like to get another kind of labyrinth fish for my 110 liter tank, which I want to be a community tank.
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