Another hello from the other side of the pond

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Another hello from the other side of the pond

Beitragvon Biulu » 02.11.2015 - 22:30

Hello, I found this forum thanks to Armin (IGL member) during a recent visit to the Netherlands. I am based in Montreal, Canada and have been interested in Anabantoids for several years now. Unfortunately I seem to be somewhat alone in Canada as there very few species available.

We rely upon imports from the States, Europe or the East (yes, the dreaded fish farms!) to get species that are not so common. As I travel regularly for work and family visits, I have more possibilities in this area.

I am currently keeping:
T. pumila
T. vittatus
B. splendens plakat
B. kuehnei
B. mahachaiensis
Trichogaster labiosa (formerly known as Colisa labiosa)

I am looking forward to learning more from fellow enthusiasts. As I speak German reasonably well, you might find me also on the German speaking fora.
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